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Let me introduce myself.... - Melanie Hunley
Let me introduce myself….

Let me introduce myself….

Here’s to 2021 and my first Blog post. I have to admit, I have been nervous to write a blog post for a little over 3 years… Ever since I did a website launch. I don’t know why really. Every time I would start, I would compare my writing, photos and even self worth to other bloggers, photographers, and even friends! This year I said screw it! Lets embrace those imperfections and get to know each other! If I learned anything in 2020… It’s that I can’t wait to start.

 Start a blog post, start that workout and start building my photography business into something I know can be successful.

We don’t know what the future holds and that can be scary, but fear can bring something lovely if we allow it.

SO here I am, writing in my workout pants, tie-dye sweatshirt and hair up. I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Melanie and I currently live in South Orange County, California. I met the love of my life here and we are now engaged. All I can say is IT’S WORTH THE WAIT … I am 33 going on 34 and so happy I chose to do all the things I dreamt of in my 20s… I traveled, worked odd-end jobs and really discovered what I am passionate about… And that’s sharing stories through photography.

I worked with youth internationally through a non-profit and it was there that I fell in love with sharing stories of my experiences with my friends and family through photography. I photographed people, beaches, building, towns, inner-cities and life-changing moments. Some were beautiful, some were difficult and some, still to this day I have a hard time articulating things I saw. And that is what made photographing so enjoyable.

A little about me… I love going to the beach, traveling, spending time with my close friends. This blog will be sharing all my photo adventures… but also some things that I love too! I am excited and honored to have you all come along!  

Cheers to 2021 and to my first Blog… Choosing to turn my fears into something that is beautiful, creative and personable. Until next time friends!

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